About Us



Primanage was established with a clear mission to provide outstanding property management services to Residential and Commercial Blocks across London and surrounding areas. Our founders, with their extensive experience in the property management industry, recognized the need for a client-centric approach. They envisioned a company that goes beyond standard practices and offers customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Our Vision

Redefining property management standards.

Our Mission

Providing tailored services for client satisfaction.


Exceeding expectations and setting new benchmarks.

We Help You

We truly understand that “one size does not fit all’ when it comes to keeping your Block in amazing condition. Primanage has nurtured its skills and experiences step by step, building its expertise from a sound knowledge base – something we believe is the essence of stability and long-term sustainability.

We know how important your property is to you and that you need to work with a Block management company that understands your needs perfectly. So why not become part of our extended family? You can be sure of a warm welcome from the team who really want to become your Block manager of choice.


We particularly enjoy the challenge of taking on and turning round ‘difficult’ property investments, within a short timescale. 

The ethos behind Primanage is focused on providing excellent customer service and ‘being the best’. We recognise our clients and aim to provide a competent, courteous, and workable management contract at reasonable cost. 

Our flexibility is vital, as is our ability to understand the different requirements of our clients and to tailor a package which suits them precisely. 

Our aim in Block Management is to deal with each issue in a swiftly manner where possible and to work alongside with Freeholders and Leaseholders on good terms and to their satisfaction where possible.

Our expertise is from being in the property management sector for the last 10 years and dealing with Residential, Commercial and Block management, thus we have got the understanding from both views, the Freeholders and the Leaseholders.